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♥ Whoops ♥ [Monday, July 5th, 2004
@ 3:02pm]

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I'm back (momentarily..) [Sunday, May 16th, 2004
@ 11:40pm]
Seriously now, join st_albans_core if you're a resident. its getting bigger and all we need is your support.


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Moderation [Tuesday, March 23rd, 2004
@ 7:10pm]
All of my community moderations have been passed over to _fleshtunnel. Please direct any enquiries about:


To her journal.

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ATTENTION! [Saturday, December 27th, 2003
@ 11:05pm]
I have added a few of you to my new journal. I am not posting the name of it, as i want it to remain private. Check your userinfos to find it, you'll get me.

To those of you I didn't add, it isn't because I don't like you or dislike your journal, otherwise you would have been removed LONG ago, it is because at the moment I really need a place to vent and I feel i could cause a fair few of you offense. When i am ready for it, you will all be added. Don't worry.

I will update this one every now and again, because I will miss you.

<3 Becca
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[Thursday, December 25th, 2003
@ 12:18am]
LiveJournal Slut Score for ~parkagirl
Percentage of your friends you've met 64.52%
Percentage of your friends you've kissed 16.13%
Percentage of your friends you've sexed 6.45%
Percentage of your friends you fancy 6.45%
Slut points 42
(Based on 31 LiveJournal friends)
Take the LJ Slut Test by ~skx comment here

So yeah, I'm going. Got a new journal. If you really care that much, leave a comment here and I'll add you. In fact, I'll add the people I couldn't bear to leave behind anyway. But comment just to reassure me or I won't bother.

bahk, i don't know what happened to you, but if you see this please contact me. I miss you girl.

Love and hugs,

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Right. [Tuesday, December 9th, 2003
@ 7:28pm]

chalkupthatline is a fucking leet kid with nothing better to do than to call me fat and tell me to get AIDS. Please send him anthrax.

Journal Disclaimer [Sunday, November 16th, 2003
@ 8:02pm]
I hear I feel .:*:. bitchy

I started this journal for me, not for you. I keep my friends list exclusive, and add/delete people regularly. I do not keep people who I do not find interesting. That is pretty much my only rule.

Other people I do not keep:
*Rhood Boys
*PpL hOo SpEl AtRoZiUsLy N uSe StIcKy CaPs
*People who make useless entries 32968423 times a day *people with no sense of humour
*people who constantly nag and piss me off
*people who fake anorexia/dyselxia/bulumia/aids/anything
*Ugly camwhores
*Mini moshers

I like people who comment. It is not a necessity. I just like it. However, if you go out of your way to ignore me when I ask for advice in posts, or don't reply when I leave a comment for you involving a need for some kind of response, you will piss me off

I haven't had to delete many people because they really irritated me. But i did have to delete one. I am a strong believer in name and shame, if you irritate me I will tell everyone.

If anyone ever insults any of the people on my friends list I will hunt you down and kill you. Like a dog. Go deal.

Thanks for listening

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